Hungerford Canal Angling Association

Over three miles of tranquil, picturesque
coarse fishing on the Kennet and Avon Canal

Various Specimen Fish

The canal is home to Perch, Pike, Carp, Tench,
Roach, Rudd, Ruffe, Gudgeon and Bream

Carp Fishing

Good sized Carp upto 25lb+

Enjoy the Peace and Tranquility

Take in the breathtaking location as you
enjoy your fishing

Hungerford Canal Angling Association Fixtures and Results


Season runs from 1st April 2017 - 31st March 2018.


Weighing in points

Mrs Payne, 1 Canal Side, Hungerford




Aggregate Matches

1st Aggregate Match

1st: Martin Hutchins

2nd: Richard Denton

3rd: Tony Franklin


2nd Aggregate Match

1st: Brian Cripps

2nd: Dave Butler

3rd:  Graham Harding


3rd Aggregate Match

1st: Graham Harding

2nd: Steve Palmer

3rd:  Dave Chandler


 4th Aggregate Match

1st: Neil Hazzard (6lb 14oz)

2nd: Graham Harding (5lb 15oz)

3rd: Steve Hazzard (5lb 2oz)


5th Aggregate Match

1st: Neil Hazzard (14lb 6oz)

2nd: Ashley May (11lb 10oz)

3rd: Steve Hazzard (10lb 6oz)


6th Aggregate Match

1st: Steve Hazzard (8lb 6oz)

2nd: Martin Hutchins (6lb)

3rd: Ashley May (5lb 15oz)



























Challenge Cup list - Winners 2017


CONSTABLES CUP - Presented by Major J. Hathway for 1st Competition of season.

Winner: R Denton

DON BOLTON MEMORIAL SHIELD - Presented by the Association.

Winner: C Shepherd

COMMITTEE CUP - Presented by Dave and Lindsay Keen.

Winner: A May

BREAM CUP - Presented by Mr Bernard Venables.

Winner: S Hazard 1lb 7oz

MIRROR CARP CUP - Presented by the Association.

Winner: N Wheeler 19lb 15oz

SENIOR PERCH CUP - Presented by Major Bancroft.

Winner: P Lovelock 2lb 4oz

PIKE CUP - Presented by Rev T S Gray

Winner: N Wheeler 8lb 8oz

JUNIOR SPECIMEN CUP 1 - Presented by Mr M. Harrison.

Winner: C Smith (Roach 1lb 11oz)

SENIOR AGGREGATE MATCH CUP - Presented by Association.

Winners: 1st: S Hazard, 2nd: A May, 3rd: G Harding

 NOMINATED PAIRS CUP 1 - Presented by Association

Winners: D Keen & G Palmer

SENIOR ROACH CUP - Presented by Association

Winner: S Hazard 15oz

JUNIOR ROACH CUP - Presented by Mr Louis Hollister

Winner: C Smith 1lb 11oz

COMMON CARP CUP - Presented by Association

Winner: M Wickens 19lb 11oz

NOMINATED PAIRS CUP 2 - Presented by Association

Winners: D Keen & G Palmer

PIKE MATCH CUP - Presented by Jean and Ray Tubb

Winners: 1st: N Wheeler, 2nd: C Smith, 3rd: B Smith


Important Information


Get in Touch!


For more information on the HCAA, contact the secretary Mr A May 07747 692767. Alternatively, email hungerfordfishing@gmail.com.


Where Can I Get a License?


Howard's Pet Care Ltd.

6a Park Street, Hungerford, RG17 0EF.

Tel. 01488 685314

What anglers say about fishing in Hungerford...


Steve - Fisherman

"A good day on the Hungerford Canal is a REALLY good day!.."


Aaron - Fisherman

"The Hungerford Canal is one special fishery.."